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10/04/2012 - RIFT : Infernal Dawn New 20-player Raid
20-player Raid As the Age of Dragons wound to a close, Telara's heroes overcame the flames of Maelforge. They bound the red dragon of ruin deep under Mount Carcera, at the heart of Ember Isle. Held fast by the calming power of Earth, he slipped.....
30/03/2012 - RIFT developers answer a new round of community questions
There are a lot of questions within the RIFT community, questions the development team seeks to answer with a new set of responses to community inquiries. Some of the answers are a bit on the negative side; there are no plans to expand the game'.....
13/03/2012 - Rift : GDC 1.8 Preview
During the annual Game Developer's Conference last week, we caught up with the Rift development team to get the inside scoop about the forthcoming 1.8 update. See what we discovered in this exclusive preview. Read on! We got to sit down with th.....
17/01/2012 - Rift Predictions for 2012
2012 is already a year made famous by either an innocent omission or dire prediction from our ancient Mayan friends. It is also an election year, so there is plenty of polling and pontificating going on. So in that spirit we felt it was high tim.....
15/12/2011 - A cataclysmic battle
Defiants are those who have turned their backs on the Vigil and have put their trust in technology as a way to conquer the forces of Regulos. They include the Eth (a race of humans), the Bahmi (resembling giants), and the Kelari (resembling dark.....
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