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Picture Item Name Price Buy
Long Sleeved T-shirt (Light Blue) 0.01 USD Buy
Combat Pants (White) 0.01 USD Buy
Working Boots 0.02 USD Buy
Bloody Shirt 0.03 USD Buy
Baseball cap 0.05 USD Buy
Combat Pants (Blue) 0.06 USD Buy
T-shirt (Red) 0.06 USD Buy
Long Sleeved T-shirt (Striped) 0.09 USD Buy
Long Sleeved T-shirt (Black) 0.12 USD Buy
Bloody Tank-top (White) 0.13 USD Buy
Tank-top (Charcoal) 0.14 USD Buy
Vintage Baseball Hat (White) 0.16 USD Buy
Shirt (White) 0.18 USD Buy
Grey Boots 0.22 USD Buy
Dirty Tank-top (Grey) 0.23 USD Buy
Dirty Tank-top (White) 0.23 USD Buy
Fingerless Gloves (Tan) 0.25 USD Buy
Combat Pants (camo) 0.28 USD Buy
Glasses (Punk) 0.28 USD Buy
Fingerless Gloves (Leather) 0.38 USD Buy
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