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Aion Gold Introduction

aion kinah play an important part in the game, no player can drop up it if he plays game, and also he maybe need to value it. Our website is large floor for players to play game with cheap aion gold, we provide nice service, good quantity, safe delivery of aion online gold, we are service whole day, if you want to need it, you can direct us and we will give you message.

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Aion Gold News
24/01/2013 - Simplicity is a simple thing after we have grown up Aion ...
No one can go with you for a lifetime, so you ought to adjust to Aion gold be alone; no one will help you for a lifetime, so you ought to fight all the time; do not mean you are a faker when you can be kind to person who you dislike, but it mean.....
01/06/2012 - Information for Aion 3.0
Aion 3.0 was officially released not that long ago and brought some significant changes to the game. We've been checking out what's new in our latest review. See what we think and then leave us your thoughts in the comments. When Aion hit South.....
22/05/2012 - Gameforge Previewed AION 3.0 Housing and Weather System
After released the AION 3.0 feature trailer, Gameforge made another preview on the housing and weather system in the upcoming patch. There's still no release date for AION 3.0 Update in Europe. There are two types of houses. One is the apartmen.....
18/05/2012 - AION Free-to-Play: Gameforge releases information about t...
The AION development team is currently working on AION free-to-play's most extensive update so far. Amongst countless new features, there will be two new areas and a mount system, which will allow players to explore the world of Atreia even more.....
14/05/2012 - Aion (Europe): Pay to Win?
Is Aion Europe version a pay to win game? Does a free player stand a chance? Watch to learn it all! Play or Pay to Win is a new show of about the Cash Shop of popular free to play online games including some concerns of the Free-to-.....
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