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Dragon Nest Gold Introduction

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Dragon Nest Gold News
17/10/2018 - Dragon_Nest Items:Average Luminous Dragon Gem Core - Hot ...
Huge stock , Instant delivery, Low price, Best services! Enjoy your excellent shopping experience here!
28/05/2012 - Dragon Nest : Guild PvP Interview
One of the most interesting features in Dragon Nest is the Guild PvP system. We managed to catch up with Alden Paguia to talk about just that and about the general state of the game. Read on! MMORPG: Dragon Nest continues to be successful among.....
14/05/2012 - Dragon Nest : Guild Rumble Deployed
Dragon Nest players looking to pit their guild against other guilds will want to check out the new Guild Rumble update. Each month will see new guild quests deployed as well as opportunities to take on other guilds in PvP matches galore. Every .....
26/04/2012 - Update Preview: Guild Champions
Is your guild ready to rumble? They better be if you want to win big in the upcoming Guild Rumble! Whip your guildmates into shape now, because everyone's going to be after the big prizes that are up for grabs. And while you're at it, have a loo.....
13/04/2012 - Apocalypse Nest (hellmode) Guide
This is a guide for Apo hell mode and showing you a shortcut that you can skip pirate and orge. I made this video for ppl who has been to apo at least once and having hard time with it. Yeah I was kinda tired of public party and failing runs. .....
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