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Atlantica Gold News
24/05/2012 - Choosing the Right Leader in Atlantica Online
When gamers look for a title that isn't afraid to differ from the norm and that delivers an experience complete with all of the gameplay elements we've come to love in MMOGs, Danny "Ralsu" Gourley recommends Atlantica Online. Now he brings Ten T.....
24/04/2012 - Atlantica: The Stats Build
Please read on, this brief guide can help you raise stats at the cost of Bonus Points in Atlantica. There are 3 types of Growth Vials like most things in game. They are broken down into Beginner, Intermediate , and Advanced. It's in your best in.....
10/04/2012 - Atlantica Introduction for Swordsman
In Atlantica, the swordsman can hit any front line target that is not flying. Despite the official description, the swordsman seems to produce high damage attacks. Flame Sword is a magic attack that deals damage and reduces the target's vitalit.....
27/03/2012 - Atlantica Online : Celebrating 1M Players
Nexon has announced that the millionth player for Atlantica Online has officially been tallied. To celebrate, the team will be hosting a special event on Saturday, March 25th. [P]layers can participate in the Time's Witness event this coming Sa.....
10/03/2012 - Atlantica Online : Plot
Atlantians became very prosperous after they created the substance called Oriharukon. Wanting to learn the secrets of this mysterious material, many other civilizations implored the Atlantians to share their knowledge, but they refused, closing .....
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