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The Prison Was Designed As a Maple Story mesos Hotel

In recent years, the economy of Europe is declining, and the Maple Story mesos tourism industry was deeply influenced. However, a hotel at a border town in the Netherlands will not be affected, but is very popular.

So, how could the hotel to attract guests?

There is a unique hotel in the Dutch border town of Ruhr-de-Monts to attract a lot of tourists to live. The guests who live in the hotel can enjoy an alternative hotel services: live "cell"; wear the “prison uniform” and eat “prison meal”, guests are willing to spend money to live in the cell to experience "prisoner" in prison.

When you enter the hotel, you just like enter a completely a black world: white walls, black floors and railings make people feel a little cold. Open the door into the room, modern atmosphere was showed to you, we can see the interior rooms are generous fashion and comfortable. Of course, there is air conditioning, flat screen TV, free Wi-Fi, coffee maker and automatic brewed and so on.

There are four themed rooms in the hotel: the "judge" room-- a big photograph of wall shows a group of wig back of judges; there are some lawyers’ photos in the room; guard room has the handcuffs and other items; also there is a "warden" room.

Predecessor of this luxury hotel is the prison which has a history of nearly 150 years --Porto Lancaster House. In 1862, it was used as the detention centers of Roermond. After abandoned a few years, it was used to detain drug smuggling trafficking again in 2002. In 2007, it permanently closed until it is transformed into four-star prison themed hotel includ 24 standard rooms, 12 deluxe rooms and 4 suites. The room card is also designed to the shape of the prison door key.

Elegant surroundings, attentive service and a hearty breakfast attract a large number of curious visitors every day. Although the price is a little expensive, but the visitors felt it was a worthwhile experience. Because of the hotel can meet tourists' psychological adventures, walk unusual way, and break the old way of thinking, so that we can discover valuable opportunities to win wealth. It is probably the reason for the success of this hotel.

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