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Mabinogi : Romeo & Juliet Content On Its Way!

The team over at Mabinogi have moved on from the Bard's greatest tragedy in Hamlet to bring forth their newest Shakespearean content update with the Star-Crossed Lovers' Tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. You too can now relive the classic story of love between Montague and Capulet with the latest update. Check it out.
Romeo & Juliet is the second in a series of Shakespearean content updates coming to Mabinogi this year, all for free. Hot on the heels of the well-received Hamlet content update and Mabinogi’s third anniversary in North America, the Romeo & Juliet content update promises even more Early Modern English themed fare for players to explore. Here is a sampling of what players will have to look forward to in the April 27th content update:
· Join your friends on your very own Homestead Farm
· Joust your way to victory with the new Lance Weapon
· Participate in the Masquerade Ball
· Blaze into battle on the Fire Horse

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