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Master Archer VS

Have to say, in fact, to some extent the Master grams of archers, as long as the operation of equipment in place is not too different in the case of all starts. Place a foot opening fire in Archer, Feng Ren + tornadoes (hands must be quick or else will be invincible on the hit). Invincible archers this time, the transposition of the moment Teleport (hands must be quick, or else will step on poisonous traps) number 2 seconds, inflammation meteorite. Small fire + wheatgrass + fire + Feng Ren, archers should be down this time.

Down is that you do not attack a problem, have a good market operations can learn from the Master. If technology is not very high, there is a conventional way. Archer invincible, invincible we are invincible at the end of the instant save inflammation meteorite, halo live, a small fire + wheatgrass + fire + Feng Ren.

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