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Korean High-Speed Rail Have the Most Mabinogi Gold Obvious Differences with Chinese

My hometown is located in Masan in South Korea, which was by the sea and far from Mabinogi Gold Seoul, Korea. I usually take the high-speed rail - KTX to Masan. On the way to home, I found the Korean high-speed rail have the most obvious differences with Chinese high-speed rail.

At first, in the South Korean, high-speed rail is not required to the tickets which were sold of the train station. I booked in Korail website, and then print tickets. The ticket design is relatively simple. When I took High-speed rail, I took this ticket to enter Seoul Station. Ahead of time of five minutes, I took my tickets to sit the corresponding seat.

From 2009 onwards, Korail canceled the ticket program. This is also one of the biggest changes in the last few years I have found in South Korea. About three hours ride process, no one asked to see my tickets.

It reminds me of 2006 in the European tourism experience. At that time, I sat in a few high-speed rails in Europe, except in France and Germany, I saw bullet-like shape of the flow line locomotives and other equipment, what make me more impressive is that no one checks my ticket. I cannot help ask myself: have the situation that no one buy the tickets but they take on the train? Later I learned that this is actually a reflection of the degree of social trust. Actually, European countries formed the existing social credit system after several hundred years of development, and such credit is based on mutual trust. I discovered when was traveling at that time, the most obvious difference between developed and less developed countries is that social credit system, in other words, could we believe each other or not.

The functioning of society in developed countries is relatively low cost, because most people will follow the rules, so there is no need to monitor the behavior of all people, it will reduce management costs. After experienced more than 30 years of economic development, China has begun to show tangible development results, high-speed rail is the most representative example. However, modern China should see the development outcomes what we cannot see, that is the construction of social credit system, which may be more difficult process.


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