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Runes Of Magic Gold Introduction

Runes of Magic Gold shows great role in the game, every player wants to enter into high level, at this time, you cannot leave away from Rom Gold, which can buy good arms for you, and we can value and make full use of it. Safe delivery and good quantity here for you to buy, and we are 24/7 service.

Our website has connected many kinds of Runes of Magic Money, if you have interest, you can come here to know, and our worker will answer your double. I think we will have a good companion.

Runes Of Magic Gold News
28/05/2012 - Runes of Magic : Shadowforge Dwarves' Homeland Detailed
The Runes of Magic team has finally revealed more about the Shadowforge Dwarves, a race that will arrive with the forthcoming Fires of Shadowforge content expansion. The information centers around the homeland of the Shadowforge Dwarves, Kingdom.....
25/04/2012 - Runes of Magic : Browser Version Officially Launched
Frogster and Kalydo have announced that the browser-based version of Runes of Magic is now in official release. The browser version of RoM is the same version that desktop players enjoy but can be played on any browser, any time, anywhere.
15/11/2011 - New piece of information
U.S. game developer Fandom announced the commercial release of "confusion Online: Lost Eden", the classic sci-fi games, "confusion Online (Runes of Magic Online) The latest piece of information. Fandom CEO Trend Arne Alas said: "Over the past fe.....
25/10/2011 - Guardian of the eight other transfer systems
Following last week's official release "demons legend" after today, Guangyu game officially exposure of the "Omen legend" the core game play, so this in 2011 with "PK" as the core of the pursuit of fantasy games for the first time opened a new m.....
15/09/2011 - Runes of Magic employ a dual-class system
Runes of Magic is a free to play fantasy MMORPG created by Taiwanese developer Runewalker Studios. Frogster Interactive brought Runes of Magic to both European and North American audiences in 2009. The first expansion, The Elven Prophecy, went l.....
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