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WOW GOLD players are there more to make sure.

If there's a wipe, it's often blamed on the tank. If the dps pull aggro, it's often blamed on the tank.It takes a certain kind of player to want to tank, and really we're not trying to change that. We just want to do what we can to keep you from having to sit around too long waiting for a tank, up to and including you deciding to tank the run yourself.The gear requirements are very generous. WOW GOLD players are there more to make sure that somebody who has no idea what they are doing (say someone's first character who doesn't even know the dungeon names) doesn't get into one of the harder instances until they have a little more than quest blues.If you're sophisticated enough to be posting on these forums, then you're sophisticated enough to know what tanking an Icecrown dungeon requires and whether you're up to the task.We do want to and try to use all available stats for gear. If every Elemental piece was haste and crit, then every piece would look the same and get very boring.We feel it is okay for certain stats to be more valuable than others, but on the class side things have gotten too lopsided, usually because of over-generous talents that convert stats or give e.g. too much haste. No stat should ever be worth twice the value of another. We are aware of these issues and this is a big part of the talent tree redo we have planned for Cataclysm.

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