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User-generated content is king in Habbo Hotel

The core of the Habbo experience is the virtual world or "virtual hotel", Habbo Hotel. Millions of teenagers meet each other every day in Habbo’s cafés, clubs, at the pool area or in the millions of private rooms created by the Habbos themselves. Currently there are over 120 million user-generated rooms in the different Habbo communities.

User-generated content is king in Habbo Hotel! It is the Habbo users who make the virtual world what it is – Habbo Hotel is filled with different kinds of ongoing events, competitions, quests and other happenings, most of them created by the users themselves. Check into Habbo Hotel and explore the different user-generated theme rooms, such as party rooms, maze rooms, barbershops, police stations, hospitals, cruise ships, gang centers, market places, adoption centers and whatever you can imagine – and often what you haven’t even thought of.   

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