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Update Preview: Guild Champions

Is your guild ready to rumble? They better be if you want to win big in the upcoming Guild Rumble! Whip your guildmates into shape now, because everyone's going to be after the big prizes that are up for grabs. And while you're at it, have a look at the new costumes coming to the Dragon Vault. If you want to dress for success, these combat-ready outfits are just the thing to make you stand out on the field of battle!

Throw Down in the Guild Rumble!

Everyone thinks their guild is the best, right? Well, here's your chance to prove it! Enter a battle that pits guild versus guild at a chance to win new gear, mounts, gestures, and bragging rights.

And the best part is, not only the top guilds get the goodies! Everyone who participates will get something. So, sharpen those blades, brush up on your skills, and most importantly, get your guild into the mix!

New Dragon Vault Costumes!

If you're going into battle, make sure you look prepared! These new Dragon Vault costumes can give any aspiring hero a commanding presence on the field.

Remember, it's not enough to win a fight. You have to look good while you do it, too!

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