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Lastchaos overview: Quest

This is a Last chaos quest guide. If you are a noob, just look through.

Every icon of a character in the map is a character of importance in the game. Some are characters related that help you upgrade, some are merchants or teachers.

To find the ones you are looking for, use the map and its abilities to find them, then with your radar you will know how to get there.

Often these characters have quest for you, with nice presents at a completion of a quest. The presents consist of armor, weapons, experience, special items.

Your first quest you can find at Loraine, go there and try it out for size...

To find a good quest later in the game, roam around the icons in the maps and find the characters glowing blue with a Q in them. These characters will have a quest for you.

If you finish your quest, go to the apropied character to receive your reward and sometimes your next quest.

To get info on a quest press the Q or ALT+Q key. Select the quest in the lists (white ones) and left click. At the bottom of the new info window, in green it says what to do, how manny quest items have been obtained / to obtaine and where to bring the items and receive your gifts.

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