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AION (EU) Active Daily Players Have Increased Fivefold Since F2P Changeover

AION's free-to-play changeover in Europe turned out to be successful by now. The publisher Gameforge just revealed some figures to highlight the increase of player number since the F2P launch.

More than 750,000 accounts have been created on the Gameforge servers since the game launched 4 weeks ago, and currently, this figure is still increasing with about 20,000 new accounts created every day. The publisher also told that "since the release of the Free-to-Play version these numbers have increased fivefold already." You can see more statistics in the graph below.

Currently the team is working flat out on the coming 3.0 content update, which, alongside the level cap increase, brings with it much more than further regions and instances: the hotly anticipated housing system and additional mounts are also part of the update.

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