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4story Gold Introduction

Rich experiences with 4story Luna when you have chances to play, you will be ready enough cheap 4story Gold to fighting and win the game. Our online shop store supplies enough goods for players that you like, no one wants to drop and hope life so rich, and 4story money can help you.

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4story Gold News
13/02/2012 - Flyn's Summoner Guide
I believe there is more to building a character than upgrading armor and having an uber weapon. These obviously help, and their lack can obviously hurt, but they are not the end-all and be-all of playing your character. With that in mind, I wish.....
01/02/2012 - 4Story : Wizard
Wizards are artists of magic and wisdom blessed by the guardian of thunder, Pauldron. As they were once instructed by Pauldron, the guardian of Thunder, the wizards are able to transcend the boundaries of the tangible and intangible using the e.....
23/12/2011 - 4STORY Online is a full 3D Graphic MMORPG
It provides Zoom In/Zoom Out, Camera rotation for changing the view point. You can make your character the hero in the virtual world through numerous wars against your enemies. In order to be a historic hero, strengthen your weapons and grow up .....
13/09/2011 - The upcoming Aerial War day
Zemi Interactive's free-to-play MMORPG 4Story has undergone a bevy of new updates today. The changes include some modifications to its Broa Warriors system -- which now allows the Warriors to support the more greatly populated nation rather than.....
20/07/2011 - A variety of challenges make this game fun
Quests are tasks that you have to complete in the game. The numerous quests that offer a variety of challenges make this game fun and exciting to play. The audiovisual presentation of the characters provides you with a unique and enthralling atm.....
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