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Guild Wars 2 : Keeping Busy

Guild Wars 2 : Keeping Busy
In our latest Guild Wars 2 column, we take a look at how players can keep themselves busy as they reach the level cap. It's a one-of-a-kind read that you won't want to miss. Check it out before letting us know how you keep yourself busy in Guild Wars 2 in the comments.
One of the great things about Guild Wars 2 is how smooth the character progression is.  Even going from level 79 to 80, you don’t feel like you spent a whole day doing 30 quests in a row to level up.  By just playing the game, you’re making progress.  But this is also a bit of a curse.  As soon as a player hits max level they stop exploring and look for end game dungeons.  You can’t blame them because that’s how most MMOs have been designed for so many years.  They end up skipping the rest of their personal story, the rest of the world exploration, and may even skip a few of the dungeons.
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