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I can eat lollipop while humming songs for Gaia gold children

The sky is always so beautiful, the night is always so black, and my heart is Gaia gold always so tired. When I was a child, a comic book and an ice cream will be my biggest happiness; when I grow up, a greeting, a hug and a warm home will be my luxury dream. I think I can live very happy and simple, sometimes, when I am tired, I am lying in bed, closing eyes, I will recall the past. Finally, I understand that why uncles and aunts will say that they really do not want to grow up when I was young. Indeed, I really do not want to grow up, too. I want to go back to childhood, I can sleep with my parents' arms, I can bully older boys together with my close friends, I can eat lollipop while humming songs for children. But the cruel reality has to let us see clearly ourselves, because we are ordinary people, and we do not have ability to change the world or change the reality operation, but we only have to obey unconditionally. If one day you hear someone says that God creates the world, you can ask him why God does not let us accompany with him forever. If someone gives me one dollar, I will buy quiet, all people stop working and the earth will no longer turn, all is quiet.

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