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Vindictus Gnoll Chieftain Guide

Let's talk about the decisive battle in Vindictus --- the tnoll thieftain guide. The first "real" boss in Nexon's free-to-play action MMORPG Vindictus is the Gnoll Chieftain that you'll face in the map Decisive Battle. There are a few tips and tricks for taking on the Gnoll Chieftain, including one of Vindictus's signature boss features - weak armor areas that are able to be exploited, broken off and looted by players.

The first thing you should do on a trip to Decisive Battle Gnoll Chieftain is to stock up on essential boss killing supplies that you might not be familiar with this early in the game.  If you're flying solo (which we definitely would not advise on your first attempt at the Gnoll Chieftain), spears are the professional choice for your secondary weapon. You can throw the spears for a knockdown (Time that the boss will spend grounded, you may get your hits in without retaliation) and also to knock off the Gnoll Chieftain's helmet (with a little careful aim), which can be looted after the battle for a free Helm of Crimson Rage.If you're going to be taking on the Gnoll Chieftain with a group, you may want to consider bringing grappling hooks - Time your grappling hook immediately after the Gnoll Chieftain finishes a windmill swing and you'll be able to knock down and drag him around while your friends have free reign on the big red furball.  While using this method knocking off the Gnoll Chief's helmet is easier than ever, inform your friends to have some rocks and other debris ready and smash the Gnoll Chieftain in the head.

The Gnoll Chieftain himself is a big jump up in difficulty from any boss you'll have faced previously in Vindictus, and if you're attempting Decisive Battle on Hard Mode/Season of Macha, this red rampaging Gnoll can quite literally one shot you and your teammates with his windmill slam, which has a large radius and does a full 360 degree swing - Stay very, very far away when this move is being telegraphed and only go in to damage the boss after he's been stunned via rock, tree, spear, hook, or other means. Like many other bosses, once you've sufficiently damaged the Gnoll Chieftain, he will periodically become tired and open himself up to attacks - you and your friends should get in quickly and deliver a quick smash combo off in the attempt to achieve a knockdown for a further window of damage.T he Gnoll Chieftain may seem daunting at first, but once you realize his attacks are incredibly unforgiving you'll learn to give this first boss in Vindictus money making a wide berth, and will be farming his excellent drop table in no time.

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