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Sram changes question and suggestion

First of all I'd like to know if there are still plans for providing a 3 element to srams arsenal. I personally like Agi the most, and I'm playing an Agi-Hybrid, yet I'm curious of wheter there are plans to go 3-element on srams too. Maybe ou guys from Zenith can bring this topic up with the dev team.

I know there's always a the confrontation about OP vs Not-OP srams, I don't think srams are OP, however I do think it's a mid to high tier class, that considering I've never managed to be geared with the best equipment, then again, top equipment does make most classes pretty powerful regardless of class.

From my view, srams having advantages as: invis, good trap arsenal, stat steal, 'sortof-not-always-useful' clone with high HP, some placement manipulation

We do lack a couple things that balance things out: no healing, no shielding, no multi-turn ap steal, traps are usually 'seen' by monsters, no high power ranged AoE spell, no ultra buffs, 2nd in place class spell (iops spell beats srams), no reflects, 2-element only and maybe a short etc.

And despite these shortcomings and advantages I still belive we don't stand out OP.

I would like to suggest a change in trap mechanics, which can be regarded OP by some, still I truly hope to have a couple 'constructive' replies, whether OP or not. Do comment away! 

So here's the idea, (which can be subject to be presented to devs as well).

There's usually many chances to have traps laid all over the map if one doesn't spend 2 ap to fear someone onto them, and this comes in high amount of 'idle' traps which can become a nuisance for strategy just a few turns after being laid, and ultimatly may be discouraged for this reason,

Traps stop movement when someone falls on them by being pushed or pulled so there's little space for chaining trap activation. My suggestion is: make traps only stop movement at the last trap in line, that way it can still be used to prevent pulling and pushing when necesary and it allows for chaining to happen.

I'll try to explain a bit because I find the idea a bit difficult to grasp myself.

If there's a single trap inline along the path of a pulling or pushing 'track', the character being displaced, will stop movement at the trap, however, if there were 2 or more traps on the path of displacemente, the character would stop at the trap furthest away from the starting point of displacement (withing the range displacement).

I believe the posibility of chaining would bring great value to traps.

And there's still teh question on resolving what would happen with AoE traps, my call would be if the AoE trap is not the last one, let the char slide off it, to the next trap, if it's the last one, well then, stop as soon as it detonates, so AoE traps can't be used to improve placement manipulation. Regarding repelling traps... Well that still needs suggestions, it could behave the same way i described, or just behave the way it behaves currently.

I don't deem this suggestion OP, but you might think otherwise, please expose your view  

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