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MapleStory Passes 35 Million Character Mark

Nexon America has announced that in addition to passing 9.2 million registered users, MapleStory has also seen over 35 million characters created.

MapleStory is in the middle of celebrating its seventh anniversary in North America, including a "Class Reunion" event on June 1 and a Bounty Hunter event starting June 6.

Nexon America CEO Daniel Kim commented on the latest success:

"We have amazing players. The number of characters created tells us that a lot of our players have taken advantage of the depth and richness 'MapleStory' delivers. In 2005, when we first introduced the 'MapleStory' into the North American market, our free-to-play model was quickly written off by many in the gaming industry as an Asian model that will 'never work.' It was obvious after we quickly added millions of loyal and enthusiastic players to our customer base that free-to-play would work in North America. I believe that 'MapleStory's' performance convinced many in the West to adopt a similar free-to-play business model."

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