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Given TERA a thorough examination

TERA has been released for nearly a month now and we've been not only putting the game through its paces but we have been chronicling our adventures throughout the past few weeks. We've got the bottom line ready to roll so keep reading before adding your thoughts in the comments.

You can get a pretty good idea of just what I think of TERA, En Masse Entertainment's first foray into the world of MMO Publishing and Western rebranding over the course of four previous Review in Progress articles. See exhibits A, B, C, and D. I've played the game for over fifty hours since launch, and while I'm still only in my 30s on my main character (an Amani Lancer), I think I've come to know enough about the world of Arborea to give it a fair and honest review. Will you agree with my final tally? Well, that's a silly question. There's always dissention when it comes to these things. But I hope you'll at least agree that I've given TERA a thorough examination. In the end, En Masse's game is one of my top recent MMORPG releases. It definitely has its drawbacks (which we'll cover), but by and large it's an enjoyable themepark MMO with fantastic combat and gorgeous visuals. Let's dive in and see how it all breaks down, shall we?

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