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Fast travel in oversized Omni cities

While the Omni-Tek cities of Rome and Omni Entertainment are sized in accordance with the Corporate self importance they are, from a practical point of view, seriously inconvenient for players to traverse and utilize. What I suggest (most likely as part of the adjustments to be implemented with the launch of the new engine and starter material) is the inclusion of some fast-travel stations similar to the ones found in the Battlestations. They are not like the big, inter-city 'step-thru' whom-pahs but just transport pads to jump your char to distant locations in the same city. Proper located, they could revitalize those cities. People in Rome could fast transport to close to the whom-pahs, grid, Daily Mission center, and Jobe whom-pah; while in Omni-Ent, pads could allow fast transport from the outlying flooded and sewer areas. This addition would save a great deal of time trying to reorganize Rome to be more n00b-friendly and perhaps help prep Omni-Ent as the city of choice for lowbie missions. Similar pads could be posted in Omni-Trade though the benefit would be somewhat less as that city is already relatively compact and many ppl visiting there are going shop-to-shop looking for specific QL items, and not jumping from one end of the city to another.
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