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Enemy attack

If the outer Swordsman enemy attack is the most direct and overbearing physical harm, then, Cheats, "Huoyan Dao" sucked the damage increase to more the double the realm of terror! Swordsmen Cheats "Huoyan Dao" will infuriating into flame attached to the blade above the outside to give the enemy attack at the same time within the attack hurt more painful! Merciless blade attached flow on the flame attack, the enemy is not only a simple beating, it is baked and physical and mental torture!

However, the "Huoyan Dao," the powerful place not only to double the damage output, but also a hot flame magic break the enemy defense, slows the enemy attack super aid! Release of enemy fire, or burning skin to the body, or weaken the fire resistance, or slow speed, or sustained damage opponents' Huoyan Dao, "the powerful place it in here, breaking the defense, consumption of their physical and mental, the collapse of the enemy defense, surprising flaws, the Swordsman is waving machetes, whichever is the life time!

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