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Dragon Nest NA March Update Preview

March teases us each year with its schizophrenic weather. Fight back by hopping into Dragon Nest, where it's always warm! (Unless you're in Mana Ridge.) Find out what's in store in the Metropolitan Miscreants of March update!

New PvP Mode: Domination

It's called Domination, and it's about grabbing and holding on to control points.

There'll also be a verdant new map for you to master!

New Costumes: School Uniforms

Spring break's just around the corner, but school's not out yet.

Everyone knows the key to acing school (and life) is to dress for success.

A Ferocious New Mount: Brown Dire Wolf

Show your wild side with this rakish new mount.

The Dragon Vault will be stocked with a few other surprise goodies, too!


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