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Dofus: Battles 2

Dofus, in case you haven't heard of it, is a pretty big deal. It's a Flash-based pay-to-play MMORPG with over 11 million players worldwide. Dofus: Battles is just one of many spin-offs the series has so far spawned. Rest assured, though: this second iOS Dofus: Battles game doesn't presuppose an intricate knowledge of the Dofus universe. It's a self-contained package that uses the series's rich lore as a backdrop to its tightly crafted mechanics, easing you in gently through a series of clearly explained tutorial quests. New look, same great taste Unlike most iOS sequels, Dofus: Battles 2 isn't content with simply regurgitating what's gone before. It's a significantly different game from its predecessor, shifting tack from tower defence to tower attack and adding all manner of neat new tricks in the process. It's also a surprisingly cerebral affair, with an almost puzzle-like emphasis on considered strategy and experimentation. Dofus: Battles 2 splits its stages into two distinct types. As you roam around the world map, you'll encounter new critters that can be added to your team roster through a nifty, and increasingly challenging, marble-pushing maze puzzler. Once you've successfully captured a new creature, you're free to upgrade its abilities and switch it in and out of play before each proper battle. Battles are at the heart of the game, tasking you with defeating all of the enemies sprawled across each stage's beautifully illustrated battle grid. You're free to move your avatar around at any time and deposit a creature directly in front of you. Each creature costs a certain amount to summon, limiting the number you can have in play at any one time. Don't stop 'til you get enough Once your critters are on the battle grid, they'll march forward until they either hit a wall or reach an enemy and engage them in combat. With each creature type sporting only a limited range of abilities, you'll frequently need to send in reinforcements with different powers to complement the frontline assault. You're also tasked with placing down markers which rotate your creatures and send them marching off in different directions. These are vital in later levels when resources are scarce and each team mate must deal with multiple opponents. All of this adds up to an experience that requires a surprising amount of forethought if you're going to be efficient in your quest for victory. Dofus: Battles 2 comes packed with content and delivers a genuinely compelling, thoroughly rewarding chunk of strategic entertainment. It's lovely to look at and equally satisfying to play, provided you can accept the game's slower, more thoughtful pace.
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