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Picture Item Name Price Buy
Hyper Teleport Rock 1 days 1.35 USD Buy
1-hour 2x EXP Special Coupon 1.62 USD Buy
Miracle Circulator 1.71 USD Buy
Bonus Potential Cube 2.16 USD Buy
Medal Fusion Anvil 2.25 USD Buy
Fusion Anvil 2.43 USD Buy
Royal Hair Coupon 2.97 USD Buy
Royal Face Coupon 2.97 USD Buy
1-day 2x EXP Special Coupon 3.24 USD Buy
Platinum Scissors of Karma 3.60 USD Buy
Hyper Teleport Rock 7 days 4.41 USD Buy
Monster Park Additional Entry Ticket*20 5.40 USD Buy
Pet Pack 7.99 USD Buy
Extra Character Slot Coupon*100 8.91 USD Buy
Hyper Teleport Rock 30 days 8.91 USD Buy
Beginner Pack 8.99 USD Buy
Gachapon Ticket*11 9.00 USD Buy
10K Maple Point 9.00 USD Buy
Red Cube 10.80 USD Buy
Equipment Enhancement Pack 10.99 USD Buy
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